397 Troy Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11213
347.425.0524 Open: Sunday 1PM to 11PM & Monday to Thursday 12PM to 11PM Under the Supervision of the OK



  • Pulled Beef Egg Rolls

    bbq pulled beef, cabbage, carrots, and caramelized onions. served with sweet & sour sauce

  • Pulled Beef Empanadas

    bbq pulled beef in savory pastry, served with horseradish mayo

  • Korean Chicken Bites

    dark meat chicken bites with korean sweet sauce

  • Smoked Hot Wings

    smoked chicken wings in housemade hot sauce, served with horseradish mayo

  • Pulled Beef Fries

    french fries topped with bbq pulled beef


  • Pulled Beef Tacos

    bbq pulled beef in corn tortillas topped with pico de gallo and horseradish mayo

  • Smoked Brisket Tacos

    18 hour smoked brisket in corn tortills topped with fresh pico de gallo and horseradish mayo

  • Adobo Chicken Tacos

    marinaded in salsa borracha, salsa verde

  • Nachos

    house-made tortilla chips, beans, radish, guacamole, horseradish cream sauce

  • Rice Bowl

    rice, beans, radishes, pico de gallo, guacamole, two tortillas

  • Salad Bowl

    mixed greens, radishes, cilantro, toasted, guacamole, two tortillas

    Add: Brisket $10, Lamb $10, Carnitas $12, Chicken $8

  • Burros

    flour tortilla, brisket, rice and beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa roja

  • Chimichanga Style

    topped with horseradish mayo, cabbage and pico de gallo

  • Chips

    guacamole and two salsas

  • Rice & Beans


  • Brisket 1/2 Lb

    18 hours smoked prime brisket

  • Pulled Beef 1/2 Lb

    smoked brisket pulled apart and mixed with house bbq sauce

  • Burnt Ends 1/2 Lb

    fatty brisket points smoked twice drenched in our house bbq sauce

  • Half Bbq Chicken

    half smoked bbq chicken

  • Smoked and Roasted Chimichurri 1/2 Chicken

Izzy Smokehouse hamburger
Izzy Smokehouse hamburger


  • Dino Ribs

    smoked short ribs approx 1 1/2lbs

  • Back Ribs

    back ribs smoked and glazed with house bbq sauce approx 2lbs

  • Lamb Ribs

    smoked lamb ribs fatty and and topped with caramelized onions approx 1 1/2-2lbs

  • Thai Sticky Ribs

    back ribs glazed w/ thai inspired ginger and hoisin sauce


  • Brisket Sandwich

    18 hours smoked prime brisket served on toasted brioche with slaw and pickles

  • Pulled Beef Sandwich

    smoked brisket pulled apart and mixed with house bbq sauce served on toasted brioche with slaw and pickles

  • Smoked Fried Chicken Sandwich

    smoked fried chicken thigh with house hot sauce served on toasted brioche with horseradish mayo and pickle

  • Grilled chicken breast

    on a sour dough baguette, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, horseradish, mayo

  • House Burger

    prime beef cooked to order served on brioche with sriracha mayo, tomato, onion, and house bbq sauce. * add grilled onions for $.50

  • Loaded Chili Sausage

    polish sausage with housemade chili served with creamy coleslaw

  • Hot Dog

    smoked hot dog on a bun


  • House Pickles (8oz.)

  • French Fries

  • House Slaw (8oz.)

    sweet/vinegar red cabbage

  • Smoked Beans

    bbq smoked beans

  • Mashed Potatoes

    creamy mashed potatoes topped with caramelized onions

  • Candied Sweet Potato

    sweet potato topped with candied maple pecans

  • Cream Slaw (8oz.)

    creamy coleslaw

  • Seasonal steam veggies


  • House salad with a balsamic dressing

  • Caesar salad


  • Water

  • Snapple

  • CAN

  • Craft Beer

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